What is the significance of music for us?

How many times does music make you feel like a monolog inside you? I heard a song this morning and sung it all day in a minibus. The sound of the automobile may be nice and damaging. Why does music influence our thoughts and how can we get rid of irritating sentences? Psychologists and scientists […]Подробнее

Find a great method to pay tribute to a loved

Often you don’t know what to show at a birthday or on holiday? How can I transmit the appropriate phrases to your love? Friends and tricks are enjoyable and innovative? These are all displayed on the website For their anniversary, the area of congrats offers a choice of wishes, wedding wishes and employees. Want […]Подробнее

The Anthropological Mystery

Even the originator of the evolutionary theory, Charles Darwin has been perceived as «the riddledest of the gifts of [humanity]» by the perception of the human song. Some scholars, such as cognitive scientist Stephen Pinker, have been investigating the utility of music. According to Pinker it is simply because it improves our perception of patterns […]Подробнее

«Crematorium» to release «Hunter» on Warner

The release of the new album of the «Crematorium» group took place on November 12, 2021. The disc will be released on the Warner Music Russia label — the corresponding contract was signed on October 11, 2021. — The signing of a cooperation agreement with Warner Music Russia is, without exaggeration, a landmark event in […]Подробнее

Find a huge compliment to someone you care! Welcome to

Did you ever find someone to celebrate your birthday or other important occasion? When you profess your love, what are your best words? How unique and fun to deceive your friends! You may find all of these responses on the website. The congreats for new weddings and workers, website on birthdays and on anniversaries, […]Подробнее

How to download your favorite track

How often do you obsess your inner voice? In the morning, I heard a minibus song, sung it all day long. It may be a curse even for a transient automobile tuna. Why is the brain so tough to react to music? How can we eliminate from our brains the terrible sentences? The research was […]Подробнее

What % of the time does music create an obsessive

How often do you find yourself singing in your head your obsessive inner voice? Because I heard it today, I’ve been humming a song about a minibus all day. The sound of an automobile can be both beneficial and detrimental. How can we get rid of these obnoxious lyrics, and why does music have […]Подробнее

How much time do you think of the obsessive musical

How often are your compulsive monolog singing in your brain? Hey, I sing a minibus song throughout the day, because I heard it today. The car’s sound may be pleasant and website harmful. How can we get rid of the dislike lyrics and why does music impact us psychologically? This research was sponsored by psychologists […]Подробнее