Medieval Music History

In the work De institutione Musica (Instructions on Music), the Roman official and philosopher Boethius introduces three different categories of music: the world (mundana); human (humana): and practical (instrumentalis), thus dividing the theoretical, writing and web site performing in one person, three aspects. Boethius introduces for the first time a musician as a philosopher and […]Подробнее

The avant-garde musical history

Luigi Russolo, an Italian musician, artist and futurist, builds noise instruments and develops a noise band and a manifestation for futuristic music. The Intonarumori group is also known. So begins the blurring of the noise/music border — the most dramatic event in music after the beginning of the degradation of the tone. Russolo’s instruments were […]Подробнее

James Kelaris was on the lookout for unusual causes.

How often does a rage-filled internal monologue appear in your inner music? Every morning, I hear and sing a song about a minibus. Each and every morning. Each and every morning. That is exactly what I believed I had heard. An automobile’s sound can be both beneficial and harmful. How do we get those […]Подробнее

Review: Manizha — «Russian Woman Show»

«A cosmopolitan world-class product», «interest in different genres from soul to trip-hop, the ability to navigate perfectly in them and make hits» — these are quotes from my review of the 2017 album of the then little-known singer Manizhi. The artist’s stylistic preferences at that time seemed wide and not too formed — and who […]Подробнее

The International Symposium «The Recording Industry of Academic Music» will

On October 15-17, 2021, Moscow will host the Second International Symposium «The Sound Recording Industry of Academic Music,» as part of the International Prize for the Best Audio Recording of Russian Academic Music «Pure Sound.» The Russian Musical Union is in charge of the event’s planning (RMS). The following symposium will be the country’s largest […]Подробнее

James Kelaris sought for troubling reasons

How often does a music in the brain create an obsessive inner voice? In the morning, I heard a minibus song and I sung it all day long. Even a fleeting tuning might become a curse. Why does our brain react to music and how do the uncomfortable phrases come from our heads? The inquiry […]Подробнее